Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy your pepper?

Right now we are mainly selling our pepper wholesale to distributors and importers. We have only just started seeking out export markets. We welcome all suggestions regarding importers and distributors who supply to specialty, gourmet and organic food outlets. Please contact us if you have any good leads!

Do you grow all the pepper you sell?

Yes, we sell only pepper that we grow at our farm. This means that we can guarantee our high quality standards and ensure that you get a product that you can trust.

What is the difference between black, red and white pepper?

Each type of pepper is produced using a different technique, but they all come from the same plant. See our Processes page for more details.

How does your pepper compare with pepper from other regions of Cambodia?

We believe that our pepper is among the best in Cambodia, due to our attention to maintaining soil nutrients and the health of our plants, the use of natural manures, and very careful post-harvest processing. The highland climate and volcanic soils produce pepper of exceptional quality.